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Generate digitally certified and encrypted transcripts, statement of results and certificate

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Digitally Sign and Certify Credentials


Summary Information

Institutions in Nigeria are moving from paper-based to electronic document workflows which increases productivity and reduces costs, but it can also greatly increase the risk of document forgery or tampering and once a school’s secure document is forged, its reputation is also likely damaged.


Adding a password to a PDF document only known to the recipient does not remove the risk of altering the document content. After all, as with all document security concerns, the weakest link is always the document owner; so, to gain assurance, secure document receivers like credential evaluations organizations and international organizations often send the transcript or certificate back to the issuer for verification which subsequently creates bottlenecks within the entire process.


How then does an institution generate transcripts, certificates and statements of results in electronic form in a cost-effective way, that cannot be tampered with, offer a higher assurance of origin and integrity as a wet ink signature provides a physical document; and goes further to allow instant and visual verification of the transcript by the receiver without coming back to the issuer?


With our Certified Document Services (CDS), the use of digital certificates to sign secure documents is made possible. A certified document assures the recipient that the document is authentic, comes from a verified source, and that it has not been tampered with. Using PDF Signing Certificates to add visible or invincible signatures to a secure document is the electronic equivalent of adding a notarized, wet ink signature on a paper document; but in a more cost-effective


Generate electronic statements that are secured with digital certificates to give receivers full assurance that you issued it; and that it has not been modified afterwards.

Benefits You Get from this Solution

  • It saves costs and reduces risk to credential issuers by automating the request, signing and delivery of digital credentials into a single unified portal with in-built documents rights management and accountability.
  • The credential issuers will handle less paper saving you time and money, which will invariably increase the quality of your service to your alumni and students
  • It benefits the students and Alumni by saving time and money as compared to current process which may require physical intervention at some point. All the student will be required to do is provide some information and the credential will be signed and delivered securely and in an efficient manner.
  • It benefits the receiving bodies by centralizing all incoming academic credentials required for internal application processing and automating the verification process.
  • PDF files can be sent in a manner which ensures the identity of the sender and the integrity of the contents of those files; recipient can easily check the sender;
  • The recipient does not need additional plug-ins or software apart from Adobe Reader, nor does he/she need to change any settings within the program;
  • Legally speaking you place an advanced electronic signature; with long-term validity and verifiability of the signature through inclusion of CRL and timestamping.