Smart Digital Academic Certificates for the Modern Age

Issue certificates to your learners in a format they prefer, shareable and digitally sealed with bank level security

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Digital Academic Credentials


Summary Information

A paper certificate is a beautiful work of art and a time-honored symbol of a graduate’s accomplishment. Unfortunately, today’s graduates who have earned their qualification through years of study are now competing with fraudulent credential holders for positions in every industry. In addition, today’s modern graduate requires digital versions of their documents for ease of handling.


Credentials are the main outcome that third parties see from achievements and so it's very important that they represent the outcomes appropriately and communicate as much as possible as quickly as possible.


We give you the technology and associated services to help you produce the exact electronic version of your paper certificate, secured with a tamper evident digital signature and giving your recipients 24/7 access to share it on social media from anywhere or distribute to any corporate bodies who may need to perform real-time verification.


What is a Digital Credentials Management System

This platform gives institutions the tools to securely create, manage and deliver secure digital academic certificates which becomes a marketing tool for the institutions while alumni benefit from having secure digital versions of their credentials that they can share with recruiters via social networks and other channels.


With a deep history of handling student credentials, ETX-NG understands the complexity, security and trust that is required to provide diplomas the right way. It’s more than just a degree. It’s a connection to the next opportunity.


Smart Electronic Certificates for certificate issuers makes it easier for your graduates and trainees to join the job market and facilitates access to other further studies.


Key Benefits

  • An exact digital version of your institution’s certificate.
  • Real-time, time and date stamped, fraud-proof validation via your institution’s own website.
  • Secured using Adobe digital signature technology, ensuring trust in the qualifications.
  • Design your smart electronic certificates to match your brand.
  • They can be instantly revoked, protecting your institution’s name.
  • Allows your students to share as often as they wish, send to employers and post to social media sites.
  • Expand the reach of your brand with ETX-NG Smart Academic Certificates.
  • Track claim rates, what channels they’re sharing on and reissue to those that haven’t claimed.