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Summary Information

Private academic institutions in Nigeria would normally receive large volumes of paper correspondence coming from various sources which must be carefully managed. In most cases, these documents are scanned and stored in an unstructured and un-reusable manner. We also believe that as institutions and organizations continue the transition to electronic document processing and digitization of documents - they now need to ensure that their electronic documents are properly stored in a secure way such that they can easily be retrieved when needed.


The ETX-NG Electronic Document Storage and Archive System enables tertiary institutions and private organizations within the education community in Nigeria to easily store, tag, encrypt and retrieve secure electronic PDF documents with confidence. Using the ETX-NG Electronic Document Management System allows organizations and academic institutions in Nigeria to have a paperless way of storing hard copy papers received in support of their academic related operations like records and student files.

What is an Electronic Documents Store & Archive System

An electronic document storage system (DAS) is a software system used to store and archive electronic documents and images of paper documents. With the best document storage software applications such as ETX-NG Storage, organizations and institutions can create a single centralized repository of all their electronic and paper documents in some form of a digital archive.


The ETX-NG electronic archiving and storage system allows you to securely store and search through digitized PDF documents using parameters, keywords, or content. Besides being specifically built for high security documents, the advantage of our system is its simplicity and security in both document storage and document retrieval.


Benefits You Get from this Solution


  • Disaster recovery is easier as there will be no risk of loss of records through fire, theft or other means
  • It saves time and money being that the cost of maintaining a physical archive can be huge
  • Easier file search and retrieval as there will be no need to physically go to file rooms.
  • Enhanced security since digital archiving systems provide better control over sensitive information.
  • Improved regulatory compliance as failure to keep records can lead to litigations.

Feature Summary

  • Document Input and Upload
  • Document Indexing and Tagging
  • Document Search
  • Document Processing
  • Built In OCR Capabilities
  • Workflow Automation for Multi Users
  • Document Security and Encryption
  • User Dashboard
  • Customization
  • Dual Deployment Options