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Generating a transcript multiple times from your results database is wrong practice

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Transcript Generation Service for Graduating Students


The Challenge

Issuing a “Statement of Result” to graduating students in readiness for NYSC or convocation means that their transcripts exist in some form – either on paper at the faculties and departments or within your students’ records management system. Leaving transcript records in any of these format exposes it to alteration thereby losing its integrity. Transcript records on a dynamic computer database that allow updates and instant printing of transcripts from students’ records is also not secure and official.


In addition to the above, transcript records are static data (they never change), as such, it is safer and more efficient to have them generated and approved once and then securely saved in a format that prevents all forms of alteration (encrypted) for easy re-use.



The Solution

The Graduating Students Transcript Service from ETX-NG will help you pull in data from all your transcript records sources (paper and electronic) into a single encrypted transcript file using your currently defined template and saved in your preferred location or our encrypted transcript e-vault which we provide to you.


Because these transcripts have been generated and saved, albeit without delivery information, they can then be easily retrieved, signed and delivered directly to a recipient whenever so requested by the student; all within 24 hours. This generally provides an opportunity to clean up your transcript process immediately going forward into the future whilst deciding on how best to deal with the past.


ETX-NG provides institutions with a simple, inexpensive and almost immediate method to gather students’ transcript records. Our Graduating Students Transcript Service enables institutions to prepare transcripts of all graduating students and storing them in a secure format in readiness for ordering and delivery.


Service Options

We can help you prepare transcripts for all graduating students, and have them securely stored in encrypted electronic format, ready to be delivered within 24 hours whenever required. We will provide all the required systems and where applicable human resources that will allow the generation of transcripts for all students upon graduation.

Student Opt In

Optional: In this deployment approach, your students can decide if they want this service or not by opting in at any time during or before clearance.

Mandatory Opt In

Mandatory: In this deployment option, your students will have no choice and must subscribe to receiving this service based on your instructions.