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QR Codes for Academic Credentials


Summary Information

In traditional practices, submission of documents is needed for a verification procedure. It is needed to submit attested copies of original documents or other academic credentials. This procedure involves lots of paperwork and makes limited use of technology resulting to lower transparency


In anycase, we understand that there are still needs for paper-based academic credentials in certain circumstances where electronic degree certificate alone are not sufficient. In this case, there there is then a need to create a link between existing paper based certificates and their new electronic versions.


We provide an elegant solution for easy validation of educational credentials and for preventing such document frauds through the use of secure QR codes. Once the information is finalised, just prior to the final printing of the document, it is sent to our secure QR code generator which returns a digitally signed secure QR code containing the information to be verified. This is placed on the document which can be subsequently scanned and the contents verified using any QR Code Scanner App available on any app store and Google play store


The use of QR codes to secure academic credentials ensures the integrity of the document and the author of the document can be verified with the use of a QR codes embedded within the certified document.

Benefits You Get from this Solution

  • Certificate validation provides you with a unique url that can be shared with stakeholders allowing them to self-validate certificates.
  • Easily validate the authentication credentials by adding a QR code to your credentials or a link to your website.
  • Validators upload the electronic document without having to enter any values on a web form to validate the credential.
  • It works for both printed and electronic transcripts, marksheets and certificates.
  • It can only be generated by the issuing educational organisation and cannot be faked or tampered by anyone else.
  • The generation of the QR code can be easily integrated with existing credential generation and student information systems being used.
  • It helps the educational organisation to build a reputation for integrity and strengthens its brand.
  • Helps to reduce costs as there is no need to maintain a team for confirming authenticity of documents.
  • Results in faster acceptance of submitted documents which is beneficial to studentsProtects the privacy of both the document holder and the document issuer.