Automatic Transcript Processing System

An easy to use system to help you generate secure electronic transcripts using your official templates

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Transcript Processing System


Summary Information

For a registry secretary or admin staff working in the computer room, generating a transcript and the accompanying cover letter may mean having to manually type all the details from scratch or copy an existing transcript that closely matches. This process is not only tedious but is also prone to errors considering the reliance on manual intervention.


Our smart transcript generation and management system will not take away jobs, but will rather provide your current staff an easier way to do their jobs using purposefully built technology system.


  • Eliminate paperwork with automatic template selection to create transcripts efficiently.
  • Automatically sort transcripts, capture student information for any existing student information system.
  • Easily run transcripts for one student or a group of students at a time in multiple formats and share it with students.

What is a Transcript Generation & Management System

A transcript generation system is like a business intelligence reporting tool that lets you record data directly or it takes data from your results management system and presents it in a simple official transcript format automatically. This primarily ensures consistency in your transcripts. You do not want your transcripts looking differently for each time its generated.


The idea of processing a student transcript at every request can easily lead to loss of control, increased forgery and undue staff stress. Being a static document, a transcript ought to be generated once, encrypted and saved in a smart system like the ETX-NG Transcript System that allows one touch reprinting or auto e-sending through bank-level security network.


Thankfully, an electronic transcript management system can cut short the time spent on transcript generation into as little as one minute, and guarantee minimal human error.

Benefits You Get from this Solution

  • All transcripts will be processed from a single ensuring control and de-duplication of work.
  • Prevent fraud by ensuring that no transcript can be printed without a corresponding student request.
  • Cut down time spent on generating and printing students transcripts.
  • Reduce redundant and repetitive tasks performed by staff through simple automation.
  • Manage control such that once generated and printed; any further changes must be fully approved.

Feature Summary

  • Easily link to Results System
  • Manage Templates
  • Smart Scan for Errors
  • User Access Management
  • Registry & Faculty Access
  • Link to Request System
  • Encrypted Storage
  • Central Course Repository
  • Defined Reporting Types
  • Recognizes Industrial Actions