E-Receive: Receive Transcripts & Other Academic Credentials; Electronically

Receiving electronic transcripts as an attachment via email is good, but it can be in a more secure and reliable means.

ETX-NG Receive


Summary Information

In almost all cases, when you receive applications into your institution, you require applicants to submit their transcripts as well as copies of their undergraduate certificates. Very often, you then verify these transcripts and certificates with the originating institution to confirm their authenticity before awarding a place to the student.


We understand that verifying these certificates and transcripts may be quite burdensome, expensive and time taking, especially when performed using your own internal resources. In some cases, you don’t receive a timely feedback from the originating school and you may then be tempted to award your applicant a certificate based on trust and assumptions.



What is E-Receive

ETX-NG Receive is a solution portal for transcript and certificate receivers to automatically collate, verify and attach all your incoming transcripts and certificates against student applications.


Rather than have transcripts stored on paper, scanned, saved in email attachment or stored in many different locations, ““ETX-NG Receive”” ensures efficiency by proving you with a single unified interface where you can receive, verify and analyze incoming transcripts, certificates and other admission documents. It also allows your applicants to directly request for their transcripts and as part of your current eApplication process.


The “ETX-NG Receive” service ensures that all incoming transcripts and documents are stored securely and electronically on your own systems, which dramatically improves your processing time and consequently provide the best service for your students. No more opening envelopes and keying in data. “ETX-NG Receive” makes receiving transcripts easy as can be.


Key Benefits

This service simply allows you to receive verified transcripts, certificates and other admission documents; all into a single, dedicated and secure unified delivery box. Our system ensures end-to-end accountability, traceability and security, with an encrypted database for tamper-proof credentials.

  • Integrate the transcript request directly into your eApplication process.
  • All incoming transcripts are verified giving you peace of mind
  • Keep all records in one place, digitally and remove additional digitization work
  • Improve your processing time and consequently provide the best service for your students.
  • Earn a share of our delivery fee as income.
  • As an alternative to receiving transcripts via e-mail attachments and then saved somewhere else, you can opt for a more secure means that saves transcripts directly to where you want them.