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This is a better way to manage a mountain of paper files distribution in the student admissions process

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Summary Information

Postgraduate institutions in Nigeria often provide alternative ways of applying to the school for admission. In some cases, students apply electronically whilst in some other cases, it is still manual. However, in every case, the students admissions pack when completed is then printed and distributed amongst all the schools administrators who will be involved in deciding to offer a place or not. These decision makers have to deal with huge manual files which takes time and prone to errors.

In addition, Postgraduate School Admission Offices will need to find a way to manage and distribute student application packets more efficiently. The application packets contain everything from essays, to references, transcripts, certificates, to student applications, and are the primary basis on which decisions to offer admission are made. There simply has to be an easier and faster way to drive the decision-making process as paper is slowing down everything.

The question now is “How do you better manage a mountain of paper documents in the student admissions process”.

The objective of our solution is to help you get offers for admission in the hands of prospective students faster required a better way to manage a mountain of paper files in the student admissions process. We plan to assist you replace paper and hard copy distribution of admissions documents with a digital system that puts information in the hands of decision makers sooner and at a lower cost

What is EDSAS for Receivers

Our electronic document management system for credentials receivers is taking the admissions review process completely paperless, putting files in the hands of the Admissions Committee right away so that decisions can be made and offers for admission get out sooner.

From using our technology, the contents of student application packets received in the mail, online or by fax are digitally scanned and extracted into the admission repositories of the document management system upon arrival. Files received electronically via email and any common application systems are brought in as well.

As files arrive in the system, our system technology speeds categorization and organization of the records. Folder structures are automatically created, file names are auto-generated, and metadata (facts about the files) are tagged with values like student identification numbers that make it easy to correlate and find records later.

Meanwhile, electronic workflows automatically notify Admissions Committee members so their review process can begin immediately. A convenient Web access portal hosted on-site by us allows authorized committee members to log-in and review records over the Internet from any location. Files remain securely managed, while information is in the hands of decision-makers sooner.

Prior to our revolutionary solution, every admission packet for every student was photocopied many times over and sent to committee members. Files were misplaced, they had to be resent, and the whole process was manual.

EDSAS for Receivers is not only saving money from manual handling of admission documents, but the more important benefit is that decisions are made faster and more accurately


With the new system in place, your institution will be consolidating information allowing faculty advisors to have controlled access to information in EDSAS. This eliminates storing student information in multiple locations and ensures everyone is looking at the most current document.

Having one universal database decreases student frustration and gives the staff the tools they need to answer questions. From our experience, we have found that improving customer service to students is a crucial step to ensuring their continued momentum toward a degree.

  • Current documents available to staff from any department
  • Able to provide better customer service to students
  • Controlled access helps meet data privacy requirements
  • Electronic workflow eliminates meetings and speeds admission processing time
  • Integration with existing education management software improves and automates indexing