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Professional Certifications Verification


Summary Information

Organizations around the world are continuously making strategic decisions on how to differentiate themselves in an ever-competitive market and as such, many are focusing on bold enhancements and extensions to their entire application process as a primary differentiator through verifying the authentication of the documents submitted by applicants to support their applications.

The ETX-NG certification and license verification service enables you to make timely and well-informed hiring, promotion and compensation decisions. With our reliable and authenticated verifications you can have confidence that candidates possess the current certifications they need to perform their jobs.

We verify professional certifications obtained in Nigeria as well as those obtained abroad. A few of the local professional certifications we verify include:

  • Verify ICAN results and students registration status
  • Verify CIS - Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers
  • Verify CITN - Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria
  • Verify CIIN - Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria
  • Verify CIPN - Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria

We have a list of over 65 local professional certifications on which we are able to verify the status of members within a 24 hour period.

Benefits You Get from this Solution

Our service benefits organization by providing rapid verification of documents at low cost.

  • Outsourcing verification ensures lower cost with better quality
  • Reduce time to perform verifications whilst increasing customer service
  • Access to talent and operational expertise
  • Enhanced service to students and alumni
  • Transfer risk away from yourself to us; we’re better at this.

How it Works