ETX.NG Framework

A lot more than typical

As leaders in electronic academic credentials in Nigeria, we have designed a system that looks beyond transcript ordering, which is what you find typically; and have added value by providing the underlying individual end to end secure business process solutions that support the entire credentials management value chain.

ETX.NG Electronic Academic Credentials Management Framework

ETX.NG Electronic Academic Credentials Management Framework


Request Credentials

Deploy frontend systems that allow online request for registry documents and the backend management of such requests.

Process Credentials

Prepare data from your existing systems through smart integration and outputs documents in the defined official format

Encrypt Credentials

Official electronic academic credentials need to be encrypted - during transmission and when in storage.

Admission Credentials

Mitigate reputational risk by building and managing strong admission document compliance controls.

Award Credentials

Reduce certificate forgery by issuing and managing original electronic academic certificates; alongside your paper certificates.

Store Credentials

Effective student academic records digitization and archival helps ensure easy document retrieval and request processing.

Send Credentials

Deliver encrypted electronic transcripts to pre-validated receivers with full end to end tracking across the globe.

Receive Credentials

Receiving pre-verified credentials increases compliance and reduces student and alumni service delivery timelines.

Verify Credentials

Easily verify local, international and professional academic credentials through simple and reliable channels