Verification of Academic Qualifications

Check authenticity of submitted qualification credentials

Use our exchange to verify the authenticity academic qualifications from over 500 educational institutions in Nigeria and over 10,000 world-wide.

Qualification Verification

The Challenge

With shrinking geographical boundaries and increased use of information technology, misrepresentation of facts and falsification of documents have become common practices. Failure to verify documents and information in today’s global scenario can be a huge risk.

Our Solution

Individuals that apply for admissions into schools like post graduate schools and other colleges are often required to scan and attach their academic certificates and professional qualifications obtained from the relevant issuing body to demonstrate their competence and that the requirements for admission have been met.

Often these academic credentials are not verified due to time delays and cost. However, when you use the ETX.NG Admissions Verifications Services, we can ensure that all document and credentials submitted in support of admission applications are verified.

The primary purpose of qualification verification is to mitigate the risks of wrongful persons gaining an undue advantage.  This is the process of authenticating documents and validating information for genuineness and correctness by contacting the primary source and obtaining evidence of outcome.

When applicants submit their credentials to you via ETX.NG, it guarantees that they have been validated and verified as authentic by the issuing body. And we will provide evidence to support this. And because we reuse verification data across our platform, we can deliver verification results and outcome faster.

ETX.NG provides employers with a simple, inexpensive and almost immediate method to verify a vast number of credentials and document types irrespective of where they were generated or obtained. Our verification services go beyond verifying the authenticity of a presented document but include validating information presented in other forms.

Key Features and Benefits

  • This verification is done once and re-used many times to save time and the life cycle of the certificate is tracked for expiration to ensure continuous validation.
  • So as not to affect your processing time, applying members will first be required to submit their credentials into the ETX.NG registry for validation and verification after which they will obtain a verified credentials profile ID to share with you when submitting their application. 
  • Because we reuse verification data across our platform, we can deliver verification results and outcome faster.

What You Get

  • Access Amazing Customer Support: We're here to help you hire more effectively and we'll answer any hiring related question
  • We boast secure integrations with thousands of trusted sources, which means we can verify your candidates, no matter where they graduated from. 
  • We use an intuitive platform that simplifies the complex process of verifications globally, providing customers with real-time updates to ensure that the process is quick and simple.

How It Works

  1. Applicants who may already have their verified credentials stored on our registry can immediately share their credentials with you rather than pass it through submission and verification again.
  2. Alternatively, applicants can submit their applications and credentials to you using your forms or web pages but we will create a link such that the supporting attachments are sent to the ETX-NG registry for verification
  3. ETX-NG will perform the verification by checking or our existing database of verified credentials and also by contacting the primary source issuer for confirmation. Once this is done, we will issue you and the applicant a verified profile ID from where all verified credentials and outcome can be viewed.
  4. You can then process applicants application form knowing that all the credentials have been verified.