Verified Credentials Database Search

A database of verified aggregated list of graduating students in Nigeria

Rather than wait ages for institutions to respond quickly to verification request, you can now perform a fast-preliminary check by searching our database of verified credentials and graduating students from institutions in Nigeria across various years

Graduation List Database Search

The Challenge

Performing qualification verification in Nigeria is generally slow because institutions basically provide a single option to request verification which is a manual detailed search. Options for fast preliminary checks through graduate database searches are not available across most schools.

Our Solution

Convocation ceremonies in Nigeria involves the publishing of a list of graduating students in various formats. The list generally represents the senate approved list of graduating students for that year which is basically the same list that is sent to the National Youth Service Corps for call up and mobilization.


We extract details of graduating students from these convocation lists published by institutions in Nigeria; and maintain a single secure graduation list database which is then made available for quick qualification checks in Nigeria.


Sometimes employers and admission officers just want to perform quick preliminary qualification checks by searching through a list of graduates. Our solution allows this to happen.


We are constantly aggregating details of graduation students directly lists directly published by the institutions and professional bodies in such a way that it allows quick search and returned results.

Database Contents

  • Evidence list of all previously verified credentials – both authentic and non-authenitic are stored for re-use within the database.
  • Qualification list of all electronic transcripts delivered via the ETX-NG network as this provides enough proof of student enrolment
  • Publicly published graduating students lists in convocation programmes and other digital channels inclduing senate approved list.
  • All search outcomes on the database can be traced to the published list source acting as evidence or proof of work.


ETX.NG has used all reasonable endeavours to ensure that information available in this database is accurate and up-to-date.


However, the information is provided in good faith on a best endeavours basis without any warranty as to its completeness or accuracy.


Formal confirmation of details should be obtained from, or with the consent of, the individual and institution involved.


ETX.NG does not accept responsibility for any reliance placed on the information contained in this database.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Search the graduate database. You can do a basic check of a qualification if you know the graduate's full name and in some instances, their matric number.
  • Rather than wait ages for institutions to respond quickly to verification request, you can now perform a fast preliminary check by searching our database of graduating students from institutions in Nigeria across various years

What You Get

  • Access Amazing Customer Support: We're here to help you hire more effectively and we'll answer any hiring related question
  • Access to a dedicated portal allowing you to search database entries across various years and institutions.

How It Works

  1. Contact us to create a search account on the database for your organization. This will allow you to search using various field filters as it relates to each school
  2. If the search does not find a person who you know has graduated from the University within the specified period, please email us through the contact page