Employee Verification and Background Checks

Collect in-depth employee qualification and reference checks easily

Our transparent and streamlined processes deliver the results of verification and background checks quickly; helping you to select the most suitable candidate for your business.

Verification for Employment

The Challenge

With shrinking geographical boundaries and increased use of information technology, misrepresentation of facts and falsification of documents have become common practices. Failure to verify documents and information in today’s global scenario can be a huge risk.

Our Solution

The primary purpose of verification and background checking is to vet the credentials of your employees in order to mitigate the risks of wrongful persons gaining an undue advantage.  This is the process of authenticating documents and validating information for genuineness and correctness by contacting the primary source and obtaining evidence of outcome.


ETX.NG provides employers with a simple, inexpensive and almost immediate method to verify a vast number of credentials and document types irrespective of where they were generated or obtained. Our verification services go beyond verifying the authenticity of a presented document but include validating information presented in other forms.


Because we reuse verification data across our platform, we can deliver verification results and outcome faster. We are the leading Background Screening Company in Nigeria


Our support enables employers to make their employment screening more robust by providing a flexible and easy to use service. Our transparent and streamlined processes deliver the results of background checks quickly helping you to select the most suitable candidate for your business.

Key Features and Benefits

  • We boast secure integrations with thousands of trusted sources, which means we can verify your candidates, no matter where they graduated from. 
  • While our focus is on education verification, we also provide multiple types of checks, such as employment history, professional certificates and licenses, which are tailored to your industry-specific needs.
  • We also have a growing database of verified records of graduates from the various tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Our report will confirm course studied, grade and year of graduation.
  • We use an intuitive platform that simplifies the complex process of verifications globally, providing customers with real-time updates to ensure that the process is quick and simple.
  • Verification includes Professional License and Certification Verification in Nigeria – Such as ICAN, NIM, CIPM, CIB, etc. as well Internationally Issued Certificates from various Institutes.

What You Get

  • Access Amazing Customer Support: We're here to help you hire more effectively and we'll answer any hiring related question
  • Store Resumes and Supporting Credentials for HR compliance: Rest assured that you will be able to access all of your candidates resumes and credentials at any time, allowing you to meet HR compliance guidelines.

How It Works

Making the right hiring decisions can never be left to chance. From start-ups to global companies, we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help understand your professional screening needs, and integrate seamlessly into your recruitment process for fast, reliable results. With a comprehensive list of checks and services at your disposal, our friendly expert team is here to help 24 hours a day.

  1. You send us a list of documents and document owner details you want to verify via a dedicated request box
  2. We will obtain and review consent and formal declaration of documents to ensure it matches the details provided by you
  3. We contact various bodies and institutions to verify the claimed documents obtaining evidence in every case.
  4. Where applicable, we search and match documents to our database of authentic documents and verifiable information.
  5. We contact various bodies and institutions to verify the claimed documents obtaining evidence in every case.
  6. We prepare results summary and individual reports detailing outcomes. The results will be securely sent to you via our delivery exchange
  7. You receive detailed reports and take action in accordance with your internal policies.

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