Job Vacancy Distribution

One Post is Distributed to Multiple Job Boards

Our digital credentials registry allows you to post one single job vacancy and have it distributed across multiple job boards in Nigeria saving you time in repetitive tasks.

One Post to Multiple Job Boards

The Challenge

Posting jobs to multiple job boards used to require logging into several sites and copying and pasting the same job post over and over which can take a considerable amount of time or downright reduce your vacancy exposure.

Our Solution

Our job board integration approach connects you directly with multiple job boards in Nigeria allowing you to post once without having to without having to manually post to each one. It allows you to mass communicate open requisitions to thousands of job boards and social media channels.


When you post a job, it’s like a restaurant menu, you pick the job boards where you want to post, and only pay for those. You pay the same amount than if you were to post directly to these boards, with the advantage of managing everything from one place. We call this job distribution in Nigeria.


Multi-channel job posting involves a service that will post your job ad across a list of job boards, allowing you to narrow down your job posting process to a single click. All you have to do is to type in your job description and requirements once, and then select from a list of available job boards to publish your job ad across.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Post to Multiple Job Boards with One Post: When you post a job on Proven, we'll make sure it gets distributed to all the right job boards with a single submission
  • A single credentials collection system which allows you to search and filter based on credentials values which are more reliable than applicant stated values.
  • It is important to note that there is no direct application submission by applicants. All submitted resumes must have been uploaded by the holder and validated for consistency by our team before such resumes and credentials can be used for application.
  • You receive submitted applications via your email or the credential registry submission portal.

What You Get

  • Multiple leading job boards in Nigeria, one low price.
  • Access Amazing Customer Support: We're here to help you hire more effectively and we'll answer any hiring related question
  • Store Resumes and Supporting Credentials for HR compliance: Rest assured that you will be able to access all of your candidates resumes and credentials at any time, allowing you to meet HR compliance guidelines.

How It Works

  1. We will verify and set you up as a receiver on the mycredentials registry which allows you to have an account
  2. You will upload your job by completing the forms or just by uploading your job description onto your account via a dedicated email service provided.
  3. You job description will be reviewed and structured along the data points of your chosen job boards to ensure that nothing is left out
  4. Your job vacancy will then be posted on the mycredentials registry and all other job boards you have selected.
  5. You will need to specify your preferred way of receiving submissions from applicants – either directly to your email address or you can use our job vacancy application service.
  6. All applicants submissions (resume and supporting documents) will automatically be will be directed to your preferred online application service.

How to Use Options

  1. Existing Systems: Institutions that already have an online application service can still participate:
    • Automatic data submission through API connecting directly to your existing application system.
    • All controls as defined on your current system will be fully met before any application is allowed submission.
    • Where your system cannot handle API data submission; then we will manually submit the application in to your system.
  2. Non-Existing Systems: Institutions that do not currently have an online application service can easily participate:
    • Customize your applicant landing page and use our portal as your main online membership application system.
    • Enjoy the full features of our portal at absolutely no cost or capital outlay. All backend services will be managed and supported for you
    • The application system will ensure it follows all your job application policies.

Job Boards We Cover

1. Mycredentials.ng11. Careerjet
2. Googlejobs12. Myjobmag
3. Jobgurus13.
4. Jobberman14. Jobsinnaija
5. NENnetworks15.
6. Myjobmag16. Jobgivers
7. My360careers17. Talents and Skills Africa Consulting
8. Nownowjobs18.
9. BETAJOBS19. Hotjobsng
10. Mrjobsnaija20. Joblist

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