Online Admission Screening Service

Automatically filter candidates who meet your requirements

Our systems use AI to match defined admission requirements defined to all the information presented on an application form and it’s supporting documents.

Admission Application Screening

The Challenge

If your organization receives a high volume of admission seekers applying for each admission opening, the screening process can be time-consuming. Without a solution in place, admission managers have to go through the applicant screening process by tediously reviewing each candidate’s application to see if they match the admission requirements defined.

Our Solution

We think skills matter, but only after credentials; and this why our approach to defining admissions requirements is credentials based. The idea is since credentials provide evidence of meeting an admission requirement, linking the credential to the admission requirement ensures that only applicants that hold valid credentials meet the requirement, hence can submit. For example, a mandatory requirement for a BSc before PGD admission is linked to the presence of a validated undergraduate degree.


Mycredentials Nigeria registry software uses AI to screen and shortlist candidates in Nigeria by extracting information contained in stored credentials and automatically matching it to defined admission requirements which then ensures that candidate screening is done at the point of admission application submission.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Candidates that meet the mandatory qualification requirements are automatically screened onto the next stage.
  • One feature of this service is that the screening process does not have to commence after the application process. You can opt to have the screening process built into the application process ensuring that all application data and supporting documents must be submitted by applicants at the time of application.
  • This gives you confidence and peace of mind knowing that the applications you receive via our system have all been validated and that they meet your mandatory basic requirements.
  • It can be used as an additional way of receiving applications to increase the number of applicants you receive thereby increasing the quality and standard of your intakes.
  • Your applicants will automatically populate your application forms with the information contained in their academic credentials thereby ensuring data consistency.
  • No requirement to change existing application systems as data can be securely submitted through interfaces.
  • Request and receive official and professional references from pre-verified referees and past employers.
  • It is totally free to participate

What You Get

  • Screen candidates quicker: Automated credentials parsing and AI screening and shortlisting software that helps you get the best applicants
  • Resume screening is a form of pattern matching between a admission’s requirements and the qualifications of a candidate based on their resume. Our software goal is to help you decide whether to move a candidate forward – usually onto an interview – or to reject them.
  • Access all your candidate profiles in one place with application forms and supporting documents so you can move candidates through your pipeline efficiently

How It Works

  1. We will verify and set you up as a receiver on the mycredentials registry which allows you to have an account.
  2. We will understand your current admission application process to create forms on our registry that correspond to your admission requirements
  3. You will publish our link on your publication as an additional option of how to apply.
  4. Once your forms are published on our registry, you will immediately start receiving screened applications.

How to Use Options

  1. Existing Systems: Institutions that already have an online application service can still participate
    • Automatic data submission through API connecting directly to your existing application system.
    • All controls as defined on your current system will be fully met before any application is allowed submission.
    • Where your system cannot handle API data submission; then we will manually submit the application in to your system.
  2. Non-Existing Systems: Institutions that do not currently have an online application service can easily participate:
    • Customize your applicant landing page and use our portal as your main online membership application system.
    • Enjoy the full features of our portal at absolutely no cost or capital outlay. All backend services will be managed and supported for you
    • The application system will ensure it follows all your admission application policies.

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