Receive Electronic Transcripts

Directly from sending school into students’ file

It allows your applicants to request for transcripts during application and receive electronic transcripts directly into the applicant’s profile.

Electronic Transcript Receiver

The Challenge

Admission officers often receive multiple transcripts in various formats from multiple schools for multiple applications; which then need to be manually linked and matched to admission applications thereby increasing the risk of errors.

Our Solution

The ETX-NG Electronic Transcript Receiver is a smart solution portal for transcript receivers to automatically verify and collate all incoming transcripts directly from sending institution and match them against student applications.


This service simply allows you to receive verified transcripts and other credentials that need to be delivered directly by the sending institution; all into a single, dedicated and secure unified delivery box which is then automatically matched to student application forms.


One key feature of this service is that it also allows your applicants to directly request for their transcripts and as part of your current eApplication process.


So rather than have transcripts stored on paper, scanned, saved in email attachment or stored in many different locations and then manually linked to student application files; try out the ETX-NG Transcript receiver solution.


Our system ensures end-to-end accountability, traceability and security, with an encrypted database for tamper-proof credentials.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Integrate the transcript request directly into your eApplication process which ensures that all incoming transcripts are verified giving you peace of mind
  • Incoming electronic transcripts from schools can be automatically linked and attached to your student applications.
  • When you receive electronic transcripts through the ETX.NG you know it has been verified and evidenced as authentic.
  • Keep all records in one place, digitally and remove additional digitization work
  • Improve your processing time and consequently provide the best service for your students.
  • Earn a share of our delivery fee as income.
  • As an alternative to receiving transcripts via e-mail attachments and then saved somewhere else, you can opt for a more secure means that saves transcripts directly to where you want them.

What You Get

  • Ordering: Students are able to request their transcripts securely via an online portal or through your existing eApplication process, which they have access to anytime, and everyday.
  • Verification: We will verify all incoming transcripts directly with the issuers saving you time and money and providing additional comfort to your admission process.
  • Exchange: Secure credentials and transcripts are now being delivered using a Secure File Transfer Protocol tunnel created and managed by ETX-NG. Transcripts are not sent via email, but uploaded and then downloaded using document rights management or manually as you would prefer
  • Receiving: Incoming students transcripts are automatically matched to student application file using their application reference number

How It Works

  1. All transcripts are sent directly by the sending school to you – either manually or via email sent from the school’s authorized box
  2. ETX-NG will setup a dedicated portal for you. This portal will contain all incoming transcripts from students who may have requested them to be sent directly to you.
  3. Each credential will contain a reference number relating to the file that the student has with your Credential Receiver. This will enable easy reconciliation for your own processing.
  4. You will receive an email once the student transcript is available for download or has been delivered manually
  5. Secure transcripts are encrypted and can only be delivered to the intended recipient. You will be able to download and view the transcript for a limited period of time or if you prefer the physical copy, this will be made available to you.

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