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Third Party Academic Records Request

We provide you tools to help your students and applicants request for transcripts from institutions and have it directly delivered to you in any format.

Request to Receive

The Challenge

Opportunities are often lost when admission officers, employers and similar don’t receive applicants’ academic transcripts from schools within the required time. Sometimes this is down to just timing.

Our Solution

Every minute counts when it comes to requesting academic records from schools in Nigeria; and for a student it even takes longer to figure out how to request for their transcripts; as such we have created a system to ensure a complete cycle of request whereby everyone involved is aware of the timing.


In this service, the transcript receiver can request for transcripts online; on behalf of their admission applicants, employees or professional membership applicants. Our system will ensure this request is submitted directly to the issuing institution who will then prepare the transcript and have it delivered directly to you; also via the ETX-NG exchange.


You can request for multiple students and track their progress through a single dashboard which allows you to match against your deadlines whilst keeping the applicant informed.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Improve enrollment completion by ensuring that all transcripts and other credentials required are received within time.
  • Our full transcript and request service allows you to sit back whilst we do all the hard work on your behalf you and your applicants/students
  • You will have access to a dedicated rep assigned to all your request from start to finish which invariably ensures verified credentials.
  • Transcripts will be delivered directly by your preferred destination via electronic or courier means.
  • Every step of the transcript ordering process is automated enabling rapid transcript processing and secure delivery.

What You Get

  • Our Experience: Since we know better how to apply, we will immediately help you submit your applicants request directly to their schools by following the school’s application process
  • Ease of Payment: We often offer this service as a credit service such that you only make payments on completion and delivery confirmation. We will inform you of the costs and take care of all the costs which means you receive a single periodic bill.
  • Follow Up Order Tracking: We will constantly be in touch with your applicants’ schools to ensure that your transcripts are prepared on-time and accurately to prevent delays to your own timelines.
  • Customer Service: We will assign a dedicated representative who you can chat with at any time to work closely on your order. You are guaranteed to get a response from us.

How It Works

  1. The student will always be notified whenever a third party academic record is requested on their behalf; as such, the students email and contact number are mandatory requirements to proceed with this service.
  2. Any additional requirements from the applicants’ school will automatically be routed to the student for completion – for example, outstanding fees or additional documentation requirements.

Quick Order Forms

As an organisation, you can request for offical transcripts to be set directly to you from any tertiary institution in Nigeria. In this service, we will do the following:

  1. Apply for transcripts on behlaf of your applicants from any school in Nigeria and monitor its progress until completion
  2. Provide you with a dedicated portal where you can view and track all transcript requests and their status.

Use the link below to request for yoour transcript

Exchange Login – Credential Holders || ETX-NG Exchange