A Portal for Accepting Unsolicited CV/Resumes

Expand your access to validated job profiles comprising of CVs/Resumes and their supporting documents.

Use our electronic credentials boxes to automatically collect unsolicited CV/Resumes from job seekers in a better structured way.

Accept Unsolicited CV/Resumes

The Challenge

Collation of resumes/CV via email or web forms without a job vacancy can be expensive, mundane and difficult especially when you have to review and match them to future openings.

Our Solution

Sometimes employers may need to collect resumes/CVs from job seekers without an open vacancy simply to increase their recruitment process for whenever a vacancy becomes available.


mycredentials.ng acts as an electronic submission box that only accepts unsolicited resumes/CV and the supporting academic credentials that match your defined submission requirements; and collates all of them into one single storage location. This means not only can you accept unsolicited CV/Resumes, but can also define which Resumes/CVs to accept whilst automatically filtering out those that you may never need.


Whenever you a vacancy becomes open, our registry portal will automatically search and filter matching credentials from the unsolicited submission database. Our solution lets employers and recruiters move away from receiving resume/CVs and supporting credentials via dumb submission boxes like emails or web forms; and into Smart Credentials Submission like mycredentials.ng.


Start making more placements by receiving high quality, targeted candidates.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Submitted speculative CV's are automatically cross-matched for vacancies when they occur. 
  • Receive only academic credentials that meet your submission requirement saving you sifting time. 
  • Define electronic submission boxes that can receive over 50 different types of credentials
  • It can be used as an additional way of receiving resumes/CV to increase the number of options you have thereby reducing your shortlisting time and increasing the quality and standard of your hires or intakes.
  • Organize and classify content with custom metadata that can be input manually, via API or machine learning
  • Powerful content security controls to centrally manage the security and provisioning of users and devices.

What You Get

  • An electronic submission box that collates CVs and other credentials you may want applicants to submit
  • You get access to our receiver portal from which you can view and filter all the credentials you have received
  • You get ability to collate additional information via questionnaires and automatic filters that allow the proper comparison and filtering of incoming submissions.

How It Works

  1. To start collecting unsolicited resumes from your website starts with you creating a notification page on your website outlining your collection and applicant submission terms.
  2. We will create an electronic submission box on our credentials registry and then send you an access username and password. It is quite easy but should you need support, we are always here.
  3. We can create a link on your web page pointing to your electronic submission box on our portal or integrate directly into your website
  4. Whenever a submission is done, you will receive a notification.

Enquiries Form

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