Document Scanning & Digital Archival

Convert paper documents to electronic files and then store

Our secure digital transformation and scanning service converts bulky paper documents into a convenient, space-saving electronic archive.

Document Scanning & Archival

The Challenge

Historically significant paper records and media files are susceptible to deterioration from use and natural conditions, such as heat and humidity. Scanning and storing documents electronically preserves them for longevity.

Our Solution

Our document digitization provides the scanning and conversion of active business documents and legacy records from paper to digital. With our enterprise scanning services and document management system you can instantly access the information you need. Embracing this approach to turn paper files into electronic files can help your company remain competitive and better meet the needs of your customers in today’s increasingly “immediate” economy.


Our secure document scanning services can handle digital conversion projects of every size and we can help establish efficient processes for ongoing scanning and imaging needs. We guarantee minimal disruption to your business, enabling your team to access documents throughout the digital transformation process.


The ETX-NG document scanning and data capture services will ensure consistent classification and indexing, without sacrificing or security. By integrating with our document management solutions, organizations create intuitive central repositories making it fast and easy to find information when it is needed.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Consolidate information across geographic locations and departments
  • Reduce redundancies and improve document search/retrieval processes
  • Enable secure file sharing wherever and whenever necessary via an online account
  • Meet complex regulatory obligations through classification, digital retrieval, and compliance monitoring
  • Reduce risk through adherence to retention schedules
  • Free up valuable real estate for more strategic us
  • Preserve documents that may be deteriorating.

What You Get

  • Access your data and files via any computer or mobile with access to the internet.
  • No need for installations and management as files are centrally stored on a web server locally or remotely
  • An efficient bureau at your site or ours and is part of our overall digital credentials correspondence management service.
  • Retain access to your live documentation
  • Use your own staff to prepare documentation, with the help of our experts and training by our experienced operatives
  • Get recommendations for your future scanning requirements.
  • Direct integration with our world class Electronic Document Management System

How It Works

  • ETX-NG
    • Obtain authorization from Firm
    • Gathering, collation and preliminary preparation of student files to be digitized
    • Scan and digitize files through conversion
    • Submit digital records for review, approvals and signing
    • Encrypt digital record and files though PDF tagging based on requirements
    • Store in provided storage servers
  • Your Firm
    • Authorize ETX-NG to collate and scan documents marked for digitization
    • Provide access to storage files and documents to scan
    • Co-ordinate the collation and processing of documents records
    • Review, approve and sign all digitized documents
    • Hold security keys to digital document storage servers and management

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