24-Hours Transcript Processing Service

Offer it as an optional service to your students who request for it.

We provide a free secure online portal that allows transcript issuers to generate, sign, seal and deliver official electronic transcripts within 24 hours of receiving a student’s request.

24-Hours Transcript Service

The Challenge

Tertiary institutions in Nigeria are faced with having to process an overwhelming number of transcript requests with little or no resources. This leads to transcript delays and disappointed students

Our Solution

Sometimes students apply for their transcripts to be prepared and kept in file however without a recipient –  this is because they want to save processing time whenever they eventually settle on a recipient.


We assist transcript issuers with free technology and resources that allow such electronic transcripts to be generated, and have them securely stored in encrypted electronic format, ready to be automatically matched to a student request and delivered within 24 hours whenever required.


Since transcript records are static data (they never change), it is safer and more efficient to have them generated once and then securely saved in a format that prevents all forms of alteration (encrypted).


Because these transcripts have been generated and saved, albeit without delivery information, they can then be easily retrieved, officially signed with digital signatures and securely delivered directly to a recipient whenever so requested by the student; all within 24 hours. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • The ETX-NG exchange will help you pull in data from all your transcript records sources into a single encrypted transcript file using your currently defined template and saved in your preferred location or our encrypted transcript e-vault which we provide to you.
  • This generally provides an opportunity to clean up your transcript process immediately going forward into the future whilst deciding on how best to deal with the past.
  • It can be provided as an optional premium service to students who request for such thereby generating additional income to your school.
  • The service enables institutions to prepare transcripts of all graduating and opt-in students and storing them in a secure format in readiness for ordering and delivery.
  • Enhanced Student Service: Students won’t have to worry about missing a deadline or a job opportunity because their transcript was slow arriving or lost in the mail
  • Increased Office Efficiencies: With our proposed solution, cover letter is automatically generated from receiver information.
  • Secure Digital signatures – all signing is done digitally via workflow and can be done by multiple signers using electronic signatures to guarantee security 
  • Easy to Implement: Advanced web technology enables easy and safe implementation which does not require extensive IT support.
  • Data Protection: Fully compliant with data protection laws and the privacy of student and subject records. Authority to disclose information is in-built within the platform in accordance to each institution’s defined procedures.

What You Get

  • Electronic Transcript Storage Vault: a secure location online or offline where all your encrypted raw and unsigned transcripts are stored.
  • Automatic Cover Letter: With built in receiver data, your cover letters are now automatically generated and you still have full control over its content.
  • Digital Signatures: Pre-approved registry staff signatures can log in and sign transcripts online with their electronic signatures which is more secure than ink signatures.
  • Work Anywhere: We provide laptops and mobile devices at no cost to participating schools as a way of encouraging them to move away from unsecure paper transcripts to secure electronic transcripts.
  • 24/7 online ordering with payment collection and continuous order tracking with status pushed to students via messaging
  • Real-time reporting (where and count of transcripts going, why, were they ordered)
  • Prevent fraud by ensuring that no transcript can be printed without a corresponding student request

How It Works

  1. We will set-up your institution on our credentials registry platform which automatically gives you a dedicated and secure electronic storage vault defined along general transcript attributes.
  2. We will set-up your institution on our transcript application platform which allows students and alumni to request to be part of the 24-hour transcript service.
  3. Request will request for transcripts as normal but will not be required to provide delivery recipient information but will rather opt to have their electronic transcripts stored.
  4. We assume that the first-time processing may take a while, but once completed and stored inside the digital vault, all subsequent request will be completed within 24 hours.
  5. Once the request comes in and the transcript is within storage, our systems will automatically generate a cover letter and attach the transcript presented in a screen to the registrar or other designated transcript signers who then apply their unique digital signature on the transcript.
  6. Once all required signing is done, the transcript is automatically delivered to named recipient and all parties will be notified – all within 24 hours.

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