Electronic File Room for Issued Credentials

Create digital repositories and store all outgoing credentials

Our secure digital credentials storage facility can help keep a single chronology and encrypted copies of all outgoing credentials issued whether manually or via emails.

Outgoing Credentials Storage

The Challenge

Most institutions don’t re-issue credentials, generally because the original paper credential cannot be reprinted; or a certified electronic copy was not securely stored.

Our Solution

Our service is here to help you keep a copy of all outgoing credentials you issue to students, learners, members and employees. Our secure digital credentials storage facility can maintain single chronology and encrypted copies of all outgoing credentials you issue – whether you issued paper copies manually or electronic copies via email.


This service is part of our digital records management strategy for credentials issuers which is just a digital representation of the current manual practices where all outgoing correspondence are filed and archived.


In an electronic file room, issued credentials are either scanned and stored after issuing or emailed and stored. These digital credentials are stored in a secure electronic repository with a similar tab structure as a traditional paper fileroom.


Securely store different types of credentials that you issue – certificates, statement of results, transcripts, admission letters, and from over 50 different types already structured on our registry

Key Features and Benefits

  • Archive your outgoing digital credentials in accordance with legal requirements and without any additional costs. 
  • Take advantage of the capabilities of ETX.NG’s powerful digital credentials storage facility – mycredentials.ng. It helps you to collect, organize, archive and send documents – fully automatically
  • Manage and archive all types of outgoing credentials correspondence for legal and compliance obligations.

What You Get

  • Access your data and files via any computer or mobile with access to the internet.
  • No need for installations and management as files are centrally stored on a web server locally or remotely
  • An efficient bureau at your site or ours and is part of our overall digital credentials correspondence management service.

How It Works

  1. We will design a smart file digitization template, for both your paper records and your digital records.
  2. A secure section of our registry will be set up and dedicated to storing all digital credentials in any format defined.
  3. Based on our agreed terms of service, you can either scan and store directly or we scan and store all outgoing credentials into your dedicated registry box
  4. Where you already issue electronic credentials, then we will provide dedicated smart email address that automatically extracts and stores all incoming credentials directly into your registry storage box.

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