Unclaimed Certificate Collection by Proxy

Guarantees to reduce your number of unclaimed certificates

We work with institutions to assist their students collect their paper certificates in a secure, traceable and easy way.

Proxy Certificate Collection

The Challenge

Preparing, storing and issuing paper certificates is a challenge in itself; as such, it is not always possible to have them ready by graduation thereby leaving the student the hassle of physically coming back for collection and leaving the school saddled with managing a pile of certificates.

Our Solution

To assist in resolving these problems for the students as well as the institution, ETX-NG offers unclaimed certificate collection services which guarantees to help the institution reduce the number of unclaimed certificates by previous students; as well as help the student obtain their paper certificates where it would otherwise have been too difficult to achieve.


In a nutshell, we work with tertiary institutions and professional membership bodies in Nigeria to assist their students and members collect their paper certificates in a secure traceable and easy way. We have considered the legal implication of certificate collection by proxy and we achieve this by obtaining and submitting an electronic notary public authorization or witness by a registered lawyer for every certificate we apply for and collect on behalf of identity verified students.


This means that every student that applies through ETX-NG will have undergone our identity verification process before they then write a formal letter which must duly notarized and witnessed by a lawyer thereby authorizing ETX-NG to collect their certificates on their behalf. It is clearly written that the authorization indemnifies the institution from any loss or harm suffered as a result and such risks transferred to us; because we trust ourselves.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Identity Assurance: Our process ensures that the student who applies through us is the student who owns the certificate.
  • Lower cost of unclaimed certificate reduction: Considering the cost filing and storage spaces, it means that allowing requests by proxy will result to a lower cost of managing the certificate life cycle.
  • Risk transfer: From a risk of forgery perspective, proxy services is a method of transferring the risks attached to certificate disbursement via proxy away from you towards us.
  • Access to talent and operational expertise: You get access to certificate management best practice that would be too difficult or time consuming to develop in-house.
  • Enhanced service to your students and alumni: Your students and alumni will feel the true professional nature of your institution when they get started off to receiving professionally delivered certificate collection proxy services.

What You Get

  • Direct integration with our world class Electronic Document Management System.
  • Full legal protection for institutions to release certificates by proxy
  • Free up space and storage by increasing the number of certificate collections
  • Increase your brand awareness through wider circulation of your certificates
  • Students can concentrate on their day-to-day activities whilst we run the collection errands
  • It is cheaper for both the student and the institution to use a collection service.
  • All collections are fully documented and traceable.

How It Works

  1. Approves ETX-NG to act as a proxy certificate collection agent and agrees to process orders received from students via ETX-NG.
  2. ETX-NG will publish unclaimed certificate collection process on our ordering platform allowing students to make request online.
  3. The student will submit request for certificate collection via ETX-NG by completing the identity questionnaire which are then e-notarized by a registered lawyer with access
  4. ETX-NG then validates all requested documentation and submits validated applications to your school for processing
  5. Your school will receive request from ETX-NG and release approved certificates to ETX-NG for onward forwarding to the student whilst maintaining your own internal controls.
  6. ETX-NG will receive and digitize the certificate and package it for delivery to student via chosen delivery means.

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