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Request Continuation

How To - Request Continuation

You started a request, but couldn’t complete it at that time, it is possible for you to continue that particular request.  


  1. Kindly log into your exchange.etx.ng account and click on "My Orders" in the ‘Transcript Request’ box on your dashboard.


  1. In the next page, click on ‘Actions’ for the order you want to continue, then click on ‘Edit Request’ to continue your request.

FAQs - Request Continuation

  1. I started an order on the exchange portal, but I couldn’t finish at the time I started, do I need to start all over.

  No, you do not need to. Please follow the procedures above to continue your request.  


  1. Continuing my order is still a bit confusing to me.

  Please use the support form below.

Request Continuation Support Form

Request Continuation Support

If you are experiencing problems with continuing your request on our exchange platform, kindly use this form.