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Transcript Request and Storage

How To - Transcript Request and Storage

If you wish for ETX.NG to request for your transcript, and store it in our safe storage vault for easy retrieval and faster delivery when needed, start by logging in to your portal on exchange.etx.ng or click here to register.  


Once you’ve logged in, do the following:  








  1. To choose ‘Sender’, search for your institution; click ‘Actions’, then ‘Order Transcript’. On the list of available services page for your institution, click on the action for ‘Transcript Request Forms’ then click ‘Start.


  1. On the next page, click BEGIN ORDER



  1. To order your transcript, we will need your student details. Fill in the forms requesting your student details.


  1. Then fill in your course details. Please ensure to upload your course certificate or statement of result. This must be in PDF



  1. Fill in the other forms and click NEXT


  1. Verify your receiver information and proceed by clicking CONFIRM RECEIVER.



  1. View pricing options, then click PROCEED



  1. Preview your order and agree to terms and conditions, and click CONFIRM ORDER.



  1. On the payment page, choose preferred currency, and preferred channel, and then click



  1. Once you pay, please upload your payment evidence to proceed.




Please Note:

While filling the course details, click ‘Others’ to manually input your information, if it is not already provided in the lists. A payslip will be generated and sent to your email.   

FAQs - Transcript Storage

  1. How long does it take to process transcript on one’s behalf?

  ETX.NG offers Transcript Request and Transcript Delivery Services. As such we are only responsible for the request and the delivery of transcript, not the processing because that right is reserved by your institution. However, the standard processing time is 20 working days. The process mostly depends on your personal situation (mode of entry, change of course, course of study, department, carry-overs etc.) with the institution you are ordering the transcript from. Our electronic delivery time is between 3 to 48hr. For physical deliveries, we work with DHL and they have assured us with efficient service.  


  1. Do you have affiliation with schools?

As long as your institution is a Nigerian Institution, we can request for your transcript and deliver it to you.


  1. Do you help keep official transcripts?

ETX.NG offers a 'Transcript for Hold' service. This service will include Transcript Request from your institution, and once they have processed it and sent it to us, we will keep it in our safe vault and will be readily accessible to you for retrieval and faster delivery to your desired destination in the future. So yes, we do help keep official transcripts.  


  1. Is it possible for me to make a request for transcript delivery and also have a personal copy?

  In addition to the “Transcript Request and Delivery Service”, ETX-NG offers the "Transcript for Self Service". With this service, a copy of your transcript will be sent to your email. You are free to make a request for both services; although this must be done separately and will enable you have a personal copy  


  1. I do not have my certificate from my institution yet, what can I do?

  We understand that not everybody gains access to their certificates on time. If this is your situation, please upload your Statement of Results instead.  


  1. I have ordered for my transcript for a while now, but the status of my application remains at “Searching for Records”. Is it normal? Or could there be a problem?

In this case, it means your institution is still processing your transcript and hasn’t sent it to us yet. This delay could be as a result of your personal situation (mode of entry, change of course, course of study, department, carry-overs etc.) with the institution you are ordering the transcript from.  


  1. My school is not in the list of listed institutions on the Sender Page, what do I do?

Please use the “New Customers: Activate Unlisted School” form below, and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible.


  For further issues regarding 'Transcript Storage', please use the support form below.

New Customers: Activate Unlisted Schools

New Customer Unlisted Enquiry

If you cannot find your school listed on the exchange (sending and receiving), it may just be inactive. Use this form to request activation

Transcript Storage Support Form

Transcript for Hold Support

If you are experiencing problems related to our Transcript for Hold service, kindly use this form.

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