Common Data Application Service

One Application, Multiple Schools and Professional Bodies

We help gather your information and supporting documents and submit your application into academic institutions and professional bodies in Nigeria and Overseas.

Assisted Application Service

The Challenge

Applying for admission into schools or professional bodies can be confusing, frustrating and takes a lot of time. This is even worse if you have to apply to multiple schools who have different application forms; yet request for the same set of supporting documents and details.

Our Solution

We’ll help you submit your common data and academic credentials profile directly to some or all eligible matching schools. The application submitted will contain all required supporting documentation.


We have aggregated all the application processes of receivers on our portal into a single automatic process to give you the best chance of admission. With our systems, it is possible to use a single set of documents to cover all applications you make.


If your credentials don't meet the requirements, we will tell you to reduce your risk of disapproval; and if your credentials meet the requirements, we will submit – electronic submission service.


All other schools offering courses for which you are eligible will be given access to your common data and study options and may invite you to apply; unless you opt out.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Use one set of credentials to find, match and apply to multiple local and international graduate and postgraduate schools
  • There is no need to register with multiple education agents just because you want to apply to multiple schools in multiple countries
  • You can submit one application form to some or all eligible matching schools or schools who have invited you to apply; as a formal application for admission
  • Based on your common data profile, we automatically check your eligibility against the schools and courses listed from the search options results.

  • Discover programs and apply to study at institutions that best meet their background and interests
  • Our service makes international student recruitment from Nigeria easy, fast and cheaper than using standard services.
  • Mycredentials Nigeria provides assistance with the process of your application for admission to the Multiple schools in Nigeria and abroad.

What You Get

  • The application process can be confusing and frustrating, that’s why once you sign up with, you will be assigned a personal education advisor who will guide you through each step of the application process. Your account manager will:
    • Review your entire application
    • Review supporting documents
    • Have an over-the-phone consultation with you
    • Suggest revisions to your application as required
    • Send your application to selected schools
  • Peace of Mind
    • Save time and money by allowing us do all the hard work whilst you guide us.
    • Less prone to errors since we understand the application process better
    • Convenient because you can use one set of application data for multiple schools
    • You’re assured knowing that coverage is for only accredited schools

How It Works

  1. Upload: upload PDF electronic copies of your academic credentials on our smart system
  2. Profile Build: Build your common data profile – this covers virtually all the information that all universities require for admission application.
  3. Supporting Documents: We will use our credentials collection service to help you obtain your transcripts and references where you do not readily have them.
  4. Application Submission: We’ll help you submit one formal application form to some or all eligible matching schools as chosen
  5. Profile Share: Submission is archived, tracked and can be re-used easily for any other PG school in Nigeria

Enquiries Form

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You should already know the school you want to apply to and we will assist you with the application. If you’re not sure of a school for your intended course, please use our “Search & Check Service”