Upgrade to a Credential Based Resume/CV

A smart CV that links to your digital credentials

We build credential based resumes/CVs that are clearer and easier to assess by recruiters and employers; and more importantly displays information from earned digital credentials.

Upgrade My Resume/CV

The Challenge

Getting the recruiter to know about your competence just from a resume or CV can be quite challenging; more so when there are multiple other resumes/CVs.

Our Solution

A strong CV is a must-have for any job application process. It’s your opportunity to show potential employers that you’re the best fit for the job. Standing out from the rest of the crowd is vital – and our CV writing service in Nigeria will help you do just that.


We will build a highly personalized credential based CV/Resume by linking and extracting data directly from your digital credentials into a well structured format that displays information in a way that makes it easy to read and assess.


The ETX.NG CV/Resume builder relies on validated credentials that must have already been stored within your mycredentials wallet as this ensures the integrity of the contents of your CV/Resume. 


For example, whenever you acquire new qualifications and you store your new credential within your existing profile; the section of your CV/Resume that lists qualifications will automatically be updated. This also applies to the skills section that display your skills from stored digital badges and training certificates.


We’ve then put the smart CV into a well designed and eye appealing resume/CV that conveys information in a simple and direct manner.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Firstly, it’s a validated credentials based resume – this means that the skills and qualifications displayed on the resume is generally supported with a credential as evidence. For example, ACCA qualification will display on the your resume/CV only where you have equally uploaded the qualification credential. Similarly, skills information come from training certificates, digital badges and other related credentials; whilst past experience come from employment or reference letters or similar.
  • Secondly, it is formatted for success – it has a creative, professional layout can grab a recruiter's attention. Our resume layout optimizer makes sure all your content is aligned and organized so your resume looks like a work of art.
  • Thirdly, it is not all robotic – it is also manually reviewed and packaged to add that human touch allowing for further personalization and customization preferences.

What You Get

  • Mycredentials Resume Profile: A single profile containing details and copies of all your academic credentials in-built within your profile.
  • AI Tagging: All stored credentials are tagged with intelligent attributes of that credential in such a way that it makes the credential smart and intelligent
  • Smart Storage: Your stored credentials will use its Artificial Intelligent tags to automatically search through all opportunities listed on the registry looking for jobs, scholarships and admission opportunities that match your tagged information.
  • Easy Access: All your credentials are in one place and easily accessed, retrieved and shared with anyone, anytime and anywhere.
  • Where applicable, all CV/Resume contents are evidence based and validated against the presence of a supporting credential

How It Works

  • You will need to select any credential type you would like to store and provide the details as provided in your certificate. 
  • All job seekers will need to upload and store a copy of their resume/CV which will be reviewed for quality before being approved for distribution.
  • For common certificates, our system will automatically extract the details from your uploaded certificate. Once uploaded and submitted, please wait for atleast 24 hours to allow quality review and control.
  • If you uploaded credential is correct and contains no errors, it will be approved and activated; and you will be notified via your registered email.
  • A rewrite specialist will call you to discuss your career goals and objectives and the credentials you hold and how best to present them.
  • We will build your validated credential based resume and notify you by email

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In this service, we will re-write your CV/Resume in a new format and it will be linked to your qualification credentials. So you will need to submit your CV and copies of your qualification credentials as evidence.