Share My Digital Credentials

Today's students prefer digital and share everything online.

Our systems allow users to store, manage and share all their digital academic credentials with educational institutions and employers from one place, whenever needed.

Share My Digital Credentials

The Challenge

The ability to instantly access and share digital credentials with academic institutions or employers means no more lengthy request processes or delays.

Our Solution

Today's students share everything online, so it's not too surprising that they're excited about sharing their academic achievements too.


One of the brilliant benefits of a the ETX.NG digital credentials is that it is easily shared. Mycredentials Nigeria gives learners the freedom and flexibility to access and share their verified academic achievements online 24/7, securely, quickly and easily with employers, admissions offices and government agencies around the world.


You can choose to share your documents where and when you want using our link sharing feature. This allows you to share your documents, without postage costs. Feel confident that your academic documents and transcripts are securely held in one place for as long as you want.


Our registry allow learners to maintain a compelling and verifiable digital record of their lifelong learning achievements which they can easily share with employers or other institutions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Share with anyone: you can share your academic credentials with anyone who has an email address and access to the Internet.
  • Any changes made to your profile after sharing will automatically be updated; and the receiver will see updates without having to resend the credential.
  • Submit to listed receivers: you can select from our list of validated receivers and share your academic credentials in one click
  • When sharing online, you control who can access your document(s) and for how long.
  • Sharing documents online is as easy as sending an email, and more secure than sending paper by post.
  • Mycredentials Nigeria is a new standard for issuing, sharing, and verifying academic credentials.
  • Let friends, customers and prospective employers alike know what you've achieved.

What You Get

  • Control: Ability to determine who has access to your stored credential profile, what type of access they have and for how long they have such access.
  • Trusted Network: The ETX-NG delivery network is trusted by over 1,000 recipients worldwide giving you peace of mind.
  • Delivery Notification: You get a notification once your credential is delivered and when your recipient downloads it. Get proof of delivery to destinations
  • Redeliveries: A lost courier delivery cannot be redelivered; but with ETX-NG, all electronic credential sharing can be redelivered to the same recipient with a touch of a button.

How It Works

  1. To maintain integrity within the system, only stored and validated credentials can be shared and all activities are logged and tracked
  2. Users will need to create an account and set up a credential box profile which allows them to connect to our credentials exchange thereby allowing sharing
  3. There is no limit to what can be shared provided the credentials are listed in a storage box within the registry.
  4. Any changes made to your profile after sharing will automatically be updated; and the receiver will see updates without having to resend the credential.

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