Deliver My Electronic Transcripts

Why use DHL or UPS, when you can go digital with ETX-NG

In this service, you will be required to facilitate the request of your transcript yourself and directly with your school. We will then do the delivery when ready.

Electronic Academic Transcripts

The Challenge

Transcripts and other academic documents are required for further education or employment. Usually, most students are pressed for time when it comes to sending Transcripts to destinations. Many universities world-over now accept electronic transcripts that are sent through authorized channels. ETX.NG provides students in Nigeria an authorized channel to send electronic transcripts to destinations world-wide.

Our Solution

Delivery Service Only: Our function here is similar to that of UPS or DHL but for electronic transcripts. In this service, you will be required to facilitate the request of your transcript yourself and directly with your school. When your transcript is ready, your school will deliver it directly via this portal to the named receiver using your reference number.


ETX.NG provides encryption of electronic transcripts and credentials originating from academic institutions in Nigeria and securely delivers directly to institutions and organisations that prefer to receive electronic credentials. Our transcript service is cheaper, faster and even more secure that courier options.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Facilitate the request of your transcript yourself and directly with your school.
  • Prepaid electronic delivery which allows a seamless connection between your school and the recipient
  • Select from over 1,500 electronic transcript receivers locally and worldwide who accept electronic transcripts directly from schools in Nigeria via ETX-NG
  • All delivery is done directly by your school – we just encrypt your transcript and provide a secure delivery tunnel.
  • We enable you to send eTranscripts from Nigeria. This is the fastest way to send your transcripts from a sending institution to a receiving institution.

What You Get

  • Trusted Network: The ETX-NG delivery network is trusted by over 1,000 recipients worldwide giving you peace of mind.
  • Delivery Notification: You get a notification once your transcript is delivered and when your recipient downloads it. Get proof of delivery to destinations
  • Redeliveries: A lost courier delivery cannot be redelivered; but with ETX-NG, all electronic transcripts can be redelivered to the same recipient with a touch of a button.
  • Transcript Storage: You can opt to have your transcripts stored on our secure servers for reference purposes.

How It Works

  • First you will need to complete a form on ETX-NG to generate a DDR. Your Direct Delivery Reference Number will be delivered to you via email with instructions attached
  • You will now need to request your transcript directly from your school yourself by completing their transcript application form
  • Whilst completing your school transcript application forms, you will need to select electronic transcripts via ETX-NG and providing your DDR Number.
  • Once your transcript is ready, your school with use the DDR number to deliver directly to your named recipient via the ETX-NG exchange system.

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In this service you will be required to request your transcript yourself from your school and we will deliver via our exchange when ready