Scholarship Search and Application

International Scholarship Search for Nigerian Students

We provide personalized and comprehensive database search of international scholarships that are available to Nigerian students.

Scholarship Search & Apply

The Challenge

Searching and applying for scholarships or financial aid for yourself or for your child can be a daunting process because you’ll have to review multiple opportunities and manually check if you’re eligible or not.

Our Solution

With our portal, students can use their single set of stored academic credentials to search for scholarships worldwide that match their preferences, check for eligibility and submit their credentials profile as application for scholarships.


We have aggregated all of these challenges into a single automatic process by connecting to different scholarships search and application services worldwide to give you the widest possible coverage and best chance of scholarships with in-built rules for students from Nigeria.


Scholarships Search: Build your profile and select study options and preferences – credentials, course area, location, fees range, ranking, scholarship, and lots more; and we’ll use system will filter scholarships that match your exact profile needs.


Eligibility Checks: Based on your profile and the scholarships options you selected, we will then use our systems to automatically check your eligibility against the scholarships listed from the search options results. This way, you get more intelligence before you apply.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Save money and time by using our search service to find the scholarships that match your exact needs
  • Don’t get restricted by education agents limited countries and schools coverage.
  • We are cheaper and quicker than using a brick and mortar education agents.
  • Automated checks to determine your eligibility before you apply helping you reduce unsuccessful applications.
  • Improve your chances of scholarships by using one set of information to apply to multiple schools at once.
  • All other scholarships for which you are eligible will be given access to your common data and study options and may invite you to apply; unless you opt out.
  • We provide local and international scholarship search services on behalf of nigerian students
    • Search for UK scholarships for Nigerian students
    • Search for USA scholarships for Nigerian students
    • Search for Canada scholarships for Nigerians
    • Search for International scholarships for Nigerians

What You Get

  • A comprehensive report detailing three matched shortlisted search results and eligibility check outcome.
  • A storage wallet of your search academic credentials

How It Works

  1. Upload: upload PDF electronic copies of your academic credentials on our smart system
  2. Profile Build: Build your common data profile – this covers virtually all the information that all universities require for admission application.
  3. Scholarships: Select your scholarships options and preferences; and our system will filter scholarships that match your scholarships options. 
  4. Eligibility Checks: Based on your common data profile, we automatically check your eligibility against the scholarships listed from the search options results.

Quick Order Forms

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In this service, we will do the following:

  1. Search for scholarships that match all the requirements you submitted in the forms
  2. Check your “Eligibility to Apply” by comparing your credentials information to the scholarship application requirements
  3. Prepare a report of recommended scholarships that meet your search requirements and that you are eligible to apply.


  • Approximately 1 week

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