Search and Earn Academic Credentials

Degrees, professional certifications and training credentials

We will you search for suitable schools, professional certifications and awards, check your eligibility against requirements and then report with search results.

Search and Earn Credentials

The Challenge

Searching for the right academic credential to earn be a daunting process because you’ll have visit multiple websites, register on multiple services and complete multiple forms which then becomes too expensive in time and costs.

Our Solution

We maintain a database of local and international academic credentials available to learners from Nigeria in the form of an online directory which provides prospective students the choice of exploring programs and courses offered leading to the award of an academic credential


With our portal, learners can use their single set of stored search preferences to search for schools, professional and regulatory bodies and training organizations that offer credentials that most match their preferences.


We are connecting to different credential search engines and creating an aggregated service to give you the widest possible coverage and best chance of earning accredited credentials with in-built rules for learners from Nigeria.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Save money and time by using our search service to find the schools that match your exact needs
  • Automated checks to determine your eligibility before you apply helping you reduce unsuccessful applications.
  • Improve your chances of admission by using one set of information to apply to multiple schools at once.
  • All other schools offering courses for which you are eligible will be given access to your common data and study options and may invite you to apply; unless you opt out.

What You Get

  • Find credentials that fit your career goals and needs
  • Have an over-the-phone consultation with our customer service representatives on most relevant credentials to undergo.
  • Grant you further support on whatever issues you may have using our service.
  • One stop shop for anything academic credentials in Nigeria

How It Works

  1. Upload: upload PDF electronic copies of your academic credentials on our smart system
  2. Profile Build: Build your common data profile – this covers virtually all the information that all credentials types may need
  3. Search: Select your search study options and preferences; and our system will filter schools and course programs that match your study options. 
  4. Eligibility Checks: Based on your common data profile, we automatically check your eligibility against the providers and courses listed from the search options results.

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