Credentials Evaluation for Travel

Obtain a report before you travel out of Nigeria

Use our services to request for your Nigeria credentials evaluation report from approved international credential evaluators and have it securely stored for use whenever needed within five years.

Credentials Evaluation for Travel

The Challenge

Choosing a foreign educational credential evaluation service is similar to choosing other professional service providers which can be quite confusing, takes time and could cost money due to mistakes.

Our Solution

Nigerians travel to about 87 countries around the world with credentials obtained from Nigeria which have to be evaluated against the destination countries education standard. Selecting the right credentials evaluation agency and the right report can be a challenge and this is where we come in.


ETX-NG assists students and alumni in applying and obtaining their credentials evaluation report from approved international credentials evaluation agencies and ensure the delivery of the report to any nominated tertiary institution or organization. The report will also be stored within storage for immediate delivery to any new receivers you may have within five years.


It is important to note that ETX-NG does not perform the evaluation, we only assist with navigating through the process and assisting you with your report request by gathering all required documentation and liaising with the selected credentials evaluator on your behalf.

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Credential Evaluation Agency

  • Does the evaluator offer the type of credential evaluation required for the pertaining course and/or documents?
  • Are the credential evaluation reports presented in the necessary format for the intended purpose?
  • How competent are the fees for these credential evaluation reports?
  • What is the average time taken for these credential evaluation reports?
  • What kind of rush period/emergency policies does the credential evaluation agency have?
  • Credential evaluators on an average may take anywhere between one to four weeks to issue an evaluation report.
  • Does the credential evaluation agency have a quick and efficient setup for answering customer queries?
  • Is the credential evaluator able to provide genuine client references/reviews? How good and reliable are they?
  • Is the credential evaluator a member of any of the associations? 
  • How long does the credential evaluation agency keep their records?
  • Is it possible to obtain more copies of the credential evaluation from the evaluator if needed in the future and what is the procedure to obtain the same?
  • How long has the credential evaluation agency been in this business?
  • What is their refund policy in case of withdrawal of the evaluation application?
  • Can the type of evaluation request be changed once placed? What sort of penalties apply?
  • What policy does the credential evaluation agency have to handle disputes?

We are best placed to help you navigate through all these questions and answers because of our understanding of the process and your needs.

What You Get

  • Application Support: Since we know better how to apply, we will immediately help you submit your request directly to the selected credential evaluator by following their application process
  • Supporting Documentation: We will help you gather all required supporting documentations and apply for your transcripts to be delivered directly from your institution.
  • Ease of Payment: We are taking all the costs, time delays and risks away from you into one small payment package and in line with the overall charges.
  • Follow Up Order Tracking: We will constantly be in touch with contacts within the credentials evaluators to ensure that your credential evaluation reports are prepared on-time and accurately to prevent delays.
  • Delivery Support: Once your credential evaluation report has been prepared by credentials evaluator, we will ensure it is delivered immediately to your selected recipient using your selected mode whether electronic or courier.
  • Report Storage: We will store your credentials evaluation report for five years during which you can reuse it by sending to alternative recipients.
  • Customer Service: We will assign a dedicated representative who you can chat with at any time to work closely on your order. You are guaranteed to get a response from us.
  • Our Experience: Because we have been around for a long time, repeat electronic orders are completed quicker than first time orders.

How It Works

  • Once we receive your request for credentials evaluation and your initial credentials, we will assess your requirements to determine the best credentials evaluator and the best product to use based on country of travel, area of profession and other considerations
  • We will review and send you an initial report to obtain your consent to apply to the selected credentials evaluator based on our recommendation.
  • You will need to make a single payment which comprises of the application fees to the credential evaluator, transcript application fees and other fees as applicable.
  • Once submitted, our systems will automatically submit your payment and request details to the selected credentials evaluator processing and evaluation.
  • The selected credentials evaluation agency evaluates your credentials and prepares your reports whilst we continuously follow up on your behalf to ensure that it is completed on time and accurately.
  • Once complete, the credentials evaluation agency will send your report directly to your nominated receivers and will also send a copy of the report to ETX-NG for secure storage which can then be re-used for subsequent receivers within five years.

Enquiries Form

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This applies to those who you have studied in Nigeria and are now travelling abroad to work and further their education. You will need to evaluate your Nigerian credentials against the education framework of the country you are going to. We will send you a report of equivalence.