Evaluate My Foreign Credentials

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Use our services to evaluate your international degrees and qualifications before working or studying further in Nigeria.

Evaluate My Foreign Degrees

The Challenge

The diversity of applicants and their respective education systems necessitates a common ground for evaluating educational credentials in Nigeria.

Our Solution

Applying for credential evaluation/recognition is often the essential step when planning to return to Nigeria for work or further studies.


With ETX-NG, you can verify the authenticity and evaluate the equivalence of your internationally achieved academic or foreign credentials. It also provides assurance that your international credentials in Nigeria are valid and are authentic. This service has been tailored for students who gained their qualifications from international institutions to compare their foreign credentials to Nigerian educational standards and making it easy for the following bodies to understand their foreign education background.

  • Professional Certification Bodies in Nigeria
  • Postgraduate Schools in Nigeria
  • Government Regulatory and Licensing Bodies in Nigeria

Key Features and Benefits

  • Showcase your educational accomplishments with a verified report that is both accepted and respected by licensing boards, academic institutions, and employers in Nigeria
  • Prior to submitting any documents to a credential evaluation service, applicants may also need to obtain English translations of any non-English documents.

What You Get

  • We verify your credentials, create your report, and deliver it to your recipients.
  • An ETXNG Digital Badge which is a web-enabled version of your credential evaluation. This means that it can be verified online—instantly. This gives you maximum visibility and recognition.
  • Easy Access: All your credentials are in one place and easily accessed, retrieved and shared with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

How It Works

  1. Submit your application and your foreign degree academic records and receive your ETX-NG reference number.
  2. Analyse: Once we receive the credentials, we analyse it for data references against our body of intelligence to gather preliminary information required for verification and evaluation.
  3. Verify: We contact the primary source of the credential for the purposes of verification to ensure the authenticity of the credential and its accompanying holder informatio
  4. Evaluate: We then run our evaluation checks by comparing the verified information to assessment and evaluation frameworks as it relates to Nigeria and the Nigerian education system.
  5. Report: A comprehensive report outlining approach and outcome of each task is then prepared in a manner that makes it simple and clear to read and understand.
  6. Send: A reports going out of the exchange are encrypted and digitally signed which provides our proof of work.

Enquiries Form

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This applies to where you have studied abroad and are now returning to Nigeria to work, NYSC and further your education. Then you will need to evaluate your foreign credentials against the Nigeria education framework. We will send you a report of equivalence.