Official Transcript for Storage and Easy Retrieval

Secure storage of your digitally certified official electronic transcripts.

Request a copy of your official electronic transcript to be stored in your institution’s secure digital storage and send to multiple participating recipients without delays whenever required.

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The Challenge

It takes an average of 30 and more days to request and receive academic transcripts in Nigeria which is we believe is too long and enough to cause loss of admission or employment. Applying for and storing a copy of your academic transcript for reuse is not normally practiced in Nigeria. We want to change this

Our Solution

This service works such that a copy of your official academic transcripts is obtained directly from your institutions in Nigeria or worldwide, verified and securely saved against your institution’s electronic transcript vault on the registry and mapped against your profile. Your stored transcript will be sent directly by your institution whenever a participating receiver requires your official transcript.

Key Features and Benefits

  • In this service, you must request for the transcript through ETX-NG as this forms part of our verification process.
  • Existing transcripts cannot be uploaded and stored within your transcript wallet.
  • Transcripts for storage are official transcripts that have been verified and stored directly by the issuing institutions.
  • Only your institution has access to upload your transcript onto your e wallet storage and delivery will be directly from your institution using their wallet storage meta details.
  • The ETX.NG transcript for storage digital facility acts as an academic records online portal specially designed to secure store and manage official transcripts from tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
  • Secure storage of electronic transcripts officially issued and deposited directly by the issuing institution
  • The electronic transcripts in online portals are digitally signed and certificates using Adobe AATL certified PDFs.
  • Request and hold your official transcript in your institution's storage vault for easier retrieval and faster delivery whenever needed.
  • 24 hour transcript delivery service for where official transcript is already verified within the issuer storage vaults.
  • Get digitally certified copies of your official transcripts directly from your academic institution; store it and share it anytime. Share academic transcripts with third parties. Make it easier for employers and others to verify academic transcripts in Nigeria.

How It Works

  1. You will need to request for your transcript via the ETX-NG exchange as a full request and deliver service. This ensures we're involved in the entire process and for verification purposes.
  2. After submitting your application, your academic institution will prepare your transcript as they normally would and will also generate and electronic version of your official transcript
  3. On completion, your academic institution will use the secure login credentials provided to gain access to its dedicated credentials wallet onto which your transcript will be uploaded.
  4. Once uploaded, your transcript will be stored and become immediately available for exchange delivery and registry sharing.
  5. Where you now need to deliver your stored transcript, you will only have to request for our "Delivery Only" service and our systems will automatically pass through your institutions approval process for immediate delivery.
  6. You, your institution and the receiving entity will be notified on successful delivery.

Quick Order Forms

In this service, we will do the following:

  1. Apply for your transcript on your behalf from any school in Nigeria and monitor its progress until completion.
  2. We will have it stored on our securely storage servers and have it delivered to any named participating destination whenever you require it.
  3. You will also receive a copy of your transcript