My Credentials Digital Wallet

Academic Credentials Self Storage Service for Credential Holders

Self upload and store digital copies of your academic credentials in our secure E-Vault and access and share them at any time.

Upload and Store My Credentials

The Challenge

Paper credentials can easily be lost or damaged; and learners would normally store their achieved credentials in many different places – some in emails, idrives, in paper copies and in file folders. Searching and finding them at the time of use could sometimes be a pain.

Our Solution

With the Credential Self Upload Storage service, anyone who holds an academic or related credential can scan and upload electronic copies of all their academic credentials in one place located on our secure electronic vault for storage, easy access and then opportunity matching. Credential owners can store over 50 different types of credentials which can be viewed by clicking the top menu "Storage Boxes". acts as an encrypted digital credentials wallet in Nigeria such that registered users can self-upload their academic credentials and certificates from your existing storage locations like email or google drive into your storage with access 24/7 and from any device.


To ensure quality and consistency in our approach, the information from the self uploaded credentials quality reviewed and marked as "unverified" and will be subject to primary source verification where requested by the receiver.


Rather than leave your credentials in dormant storage why not store them mycredentials Nigeria where they become active and come alive. Once active, your stored credentials will continuously and automatically search for jobs, scholarships and grants and you get alert for new matching and decide whether to proceed with one touch submission or park for later review.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Secure digital network through which domestic and international students may share their official, digitized academic credentials
  • Safe and secure keeping rather than leave them in paper which makes them prone to decay.
  • Upload from different storage locations into one single storage location accessible only to you.
  • Back up your claims with verified credentials to rise to the top of the pack and enjoy one place to collect and manage all of their credentials.
  • We track the lifecycle of your credentials such that we notify you when they are about to expire where applicable.
  • Our systems allow you to build and manage a single academic credentials profile – a personal portfolio where you can store your credentials like background checks, work

What You Get

  • Secure Storage: Our storage servers have been designed to be secure and optimized for electronic PDF documents making it impossible to lose or alter.
  • AI Tagging: All stored credentials are tagged with intelligent attributes of that credential in such a way that it makes the credential smart and intelligent
  • Smart Storage: Your stored credentials will use its Artificial Intelligent tags to automatically search through all opportunities listed on the registry looking for jobs, scholarships and admission opportunities that match your tagged information.
  • Easy Access: All your credentials are in one place and easily accessed, retrieved and shared with anyone, anytime and anywhere.
  • Mycredentials Profile: A single profile containing details and copies of all your academic credentials in-built within your profile.
  • Automatic incoming file attachment: Using your profile ID, you can automatically receive electronic credentials directly into your wallet.

How It Works

  • We have provisioned over 50 different digital credentials type on our registry making it the largest credentials registry in Africa.
  • You will need to select any credential type you would like to store and provide the details as provided in your certificate. 
  • For common certificates, our system will automatically extract the details from your uploaded certificate.
  • Once uploaded and submitted, please wait for atleast 24 hours to allow quality review and control.
  • If you uploaded credential is correct and contains no errors, it will be approved and activated; and you will be notified via your registered email.

Enquiries Form

In this service, we will do the following:
  1. Tag and store your credentials – from over 50 credentials can be scanned and uploaded
  2. Automatically match your stored credentials to any new opportunities that require your credentials
  3. Notify you of any matches based on your preferences
  4. Safely store all your credentials in your digital wallet