Replacement or Re-Issued Credentials Collection

Re-claim your missing, lost or damaged certificates and credentials.

If you have been issued a credentials and would like a replacement due to a loss or damage, then we may be able to assist with the collection.

Credential Replacement

The Challenge

Sometimes credentials get damaged, missing or there are simply spelling errors which require holders to contact the credentials issuer for replacement or reprints. The hassle of this process could be distracting to the job or admission seeker.

Our Solution

This service is popular for when you have collected your paper credentials from the issuer and the credential gets missing, damaged or you notice some irregularities like spelling errors; and you need assistance in the collection of a replacement or reprint.


Subscribing to our credential replacement service allows us to carry out some research by contacting the issuing institution and liaising with them to either generate a certified electronic certificate, re-issue your credential or provide a statement regarding the credential. The credentials will be uploaded directly by the issuing institution onto your storage profile as verified to ensure a complete view of your history.


In this service, you can request for your paper certificates or an original certified electronic copy of your credentials from any academic or training institution you might have attended in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. The electronic certificate they generate and send will automatically be stored against your credentials profile on as a “Verified Electronic Credential”.


Use our credential collection service to help re-claim your missing, lost or uncollected certificates and credentials from multiple issuers worldwide. The collected credential will then be digitized and stored as verified against your credentials profile.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 24×7 Online ordering, reliable and guaranteed, Network of reps across the country
  • Own a digitized and certified electronic version of your paper certificate which will be stored against your credential profile
  • All collections are documented, digitized and trackable with online Status Tracking to give you accurate info on the status of your order
  • Students can concentrate on their day to day activities whilst we run the collection errands
  • It is cheaper for both the student and the institution to use a collection service whilst consideration of the risk of travelling by air or by road.

What You Get

  • A certified electronic copy of your paper certificates: Your institution will generate and upload the electronic copy directly onto your storage profile ensuring authenticity.
  • Where applicable, you will also receive the paper certificate via DHL or UPS based on your preference.
  • Responsibility over the safe keeping of your electronic copy remains ours whilst that of the paper copy is yours.
  • Smart Storage: Your stored credentials will use its Artificial Intelligent tags to automatically search through all opportunities listed on the registry looking for jobs, scholarships and admission opportunities that match your tagged information.
  • Easy Access: All your credentials are in one place and easily accessed, retrieved and shared with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

How It Works

We always apply formally to the institution who then decides on a case by case basis to approve certificate release or not.

  1. We receive a notification of interest from the student who wishes to use our certificate collection services. Once we receive this, we always apply formally to the institution who then decides on a case by case basis to approve certificate release or not.
  2. Once approved, we contact the student and inform them of any specific requirements and procedures defined by the school which again is on a case by case basis. The student will provide to us all the required documents to complete the collection.
  3. The student will provide the legal mandate as described above ensuring that the institution is indemnified from any future complaints or legal actions that may arise from this process.
  4. All required fees and documents will be submitted to the institution for processing maintaining a chain of responsibility all through to the actual collection by ETX-NG.
  5. Once the certificate is ready and using a wide network of university reps, we obtain the physical copy of the certificate, repackaged and delivered to student via recorded delivery; whilst the electronic copy is retained in the students’ registry profile

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We will collect your paper certificate as applicable from the issuer and send to you via courier. We will also make an electronic copy to store within your storage profile.